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Best Wishes Adam

We want to express our deepest gratitude for Adam’s exceptional leadership. His support for PSCCN and King County Promise (KCP) has left an indelible mark, and we appreciate the impact he has had on the team.

During his time on our team as Interim Director, his influence enabled the accomplishments of the past year. His dedication to KCP has been outstanding, and his heart-centered approach to working with others has left a lasting impression. We've learned so much from his principled authenticity, compassion, and resolve. We extend appreciation for helping us navigate challenges with grace and humility, for weaving together different strands of work, and for commitment to building authentic relationships.

He made a significant difference with our team and partners and we wish him the best in future endeavors. As he resumes his role as Director of Collaborative Systems Improvement Project, we want to thank him for everything and look forward to continued collaboration.