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Dear Regional Partners,

Welcome to another academic year! We are so grateful to each of you for your investment in our shared vision of support for students, educators, and the community in their commitment to postsecondary success and completion. We are currently entering our second year of King County Promise implementation, and would like to share with you a few appreciations as we enter the fall season:

  • We hold deep gratitude to the schools and organizations in the Highline Promise and Promise to Community partnerships. They have spent hours in retreats, working group meetings, and internal meetings to create and sustain the programs that are actively serving Promise youth.
  • As we head back to school, we appreciate the students involved in our Youth Wisdom Council. A central aspect of the KCP model is the centering of youth voices and uplifting their lived experiences to guide the program. We value that they have full academic schedules and are able to prioritize showing up to represent their communities.
  • We recognize all the College and Career leaders in the region who volunteered their time to allow us to learn and uplift their work.
  • Finally, we appreciate the guidance and support of our partners at the King County Department of Community and Human Services who continue to be responsive and willing to adjust to new challenges and opportunities.

We are looking forward to reconnecting with many of you and continuing to share our learnings as a community.

In Partnership,

The PSCCN team