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December King County Promise Update

The King County Promise Refinement Phase kicked off in late November/Early December with over 60 staff and students from local districts and high schools, community colleges, community based organizations and more to:

  • Ground ourselves in the current King County Promise design,
  • Engage in conversation around the racial equity principles that are embedded into the Promise and the Refinement Phase work together,
  • Grapple with the deep questions around what the Refinement phase work will look like and how this group will do it together,
  • Began to co create a improved college supports system for our students and young people in our region

Many more people have informed the Promise work over the years, and we will continue to engage even more as this process continues. Learn more about the King County Promise here, and sign up for the  King County Promise Mailing List to get more detailed updates about the Promise process, and to learn more about ways to be involved.