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Financial Aid Application Reminder

December is a good month for students to finalize their financial aid application. To support your work with students, here are a few reminders for the senior class:

Financial Aid: Students will soon start receiving acceptance letters. Help your students explore financial aid and scholarships packages at the colleges they have applied. This will give them a good grasp of how much they can save because aid packages differ from one school to the next. 

Meeting December deadlines: The deadline for most college application is in December. Remind your students to submit their college application and encourage them to keep track of all the deadlines for all the schools they intend to apply.

Finalize all documentation for the application packet: By now students should have written essays, taken exams, and should have secured letters of recommendation. December is also a good time to confirm test scores have been officially submitted to every potential college.

For additional information on financial aid, go to the PSCCN website


Be sure to check out PSCCN's  Financial Aid Toolkit. As fall comes to an end, and many of you are beginning to prepare for new phases of the financial aid process, PSCCN's  toolkit will help give you the resources to support your students at every point of the Financial aid completion process. This includes resources regarding  FAFSA/WASFA forms, appeals, verification process and more. PSCCN's Financial Aid Toolkit can help you come up with your plan on how to support students. Resources include"

Common scenarios and District Strategies:

  • Better understand the various situations students can face when completing financial aid and learn about cohesive, data driven approaches to  build your district's financial aid strategy.

Student & Family Engagement:

  • Presentations, activities and worksheets can be used during the school day, at a youth or family program, and at school or community events or conferences to help educate and inform students and families about financial aid.

Some examples of resources include:

Promotional Materials:

  • Materials for you to easily enhance your communication strategies such as webinars, email campaigns and website content.

Some examples of resources include:

And more!