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Financial Aid Resources

At PSCCN, we celebrate every student's financial aid completion. Above is a snapshot of current school districts' financial aid completion rates in the region. Make sure you are keeping track of your school districts' progress by visiting the WSAC FAFSA Completion Data Dashboard.

Financial Aid Support and Resources

Here are some resources for educators, youth program workers, and others assisting students with navigating the financial aid application process, including completing financial aid forms. 

Financial Aid Workshops

PSCCN Resources

  • Financial Aid Toolkit: The PSCCN Financial Aid Toolkit is an online resource designed for schools, district staff and community organizations to access financial aid resources to support students and families with the financial aid application process.
  • College Knowledge: Includes 23 digital handouts, covering the college readiness topics most requested by students. Materials are available in English, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

WSAC Resources

  • Student Financial Aid Resource Padlet: Click here to access the resource
  • 12th Year Campaign: Access financial aid completion data and financial aid resources to better support your institution's capacity for tracking and completing your student financial aid applications.
  • 12th Year Campaign Resources: Order free postcards, workbooks, and more via this link