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King County Promise August Update

Partner Gratitude and Appreciation

PSCCN is deeply grateful to the members of the Refinement Phase, a group of 70+ staff, students and representatives from across King County's educational and community support system who have been engaged in the Refinement Phase of King County Promise since November 2019. 

Over the past 8 months, these partners have provided input on shaping the direction of the early years through mature state of King County Promise, and have centered in the discussions racial equity, shared vision to transform our current systems and have connected across roles and institutions to ask and answer key questions before us. A July update with more detail can be found here.

August 2020 Update

King County Council Process:

The King County Promise is now at a critical point: The King County Council is reviewing and will soon be voting on an implementation plan that will guide the early years of PSTAA funded strategies, including King County Promise. The full plan can be found

King County Process:

  • The King County council is reviewing the draft implementation plan covering all 3 funded areas of PSTAA investments. We anticipate a vote by mid-September.     

King County Promise Next Steps:

  • PSCCN is continuing the momentum from the Refinement phase including:
    Convene 2 short-term workgroups to refine King County Promise elements in preparation for launch:
    • Financial Match & Data Sharing/Needs 
  • Consolidate Promise common elements, eligible funding items & systems commitments
  • Continue discussions with regional funders

Upcoming Touchpoints

  • Wednesday, 8/25 1pm – King County Council Committee of the Whole
    • Link to the livestream 
    • Puget Sound Taxpayer Accountability Account (PSTAA) Implementation Plan is on the agenda