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New Financial Aid Toolkit Resources

PSCCN recently updated the Financial Aid Toolkit for students and families on demystifying Financial Aid Verification and Award Letters and Financial Aid Transition Steps. These resources are great to use with students and families or to provide educators with key messages on these topics.

Verification Fact Sheet: This verification fact sheet can be used to help educate students and families about the verification process if one’s FAFSA or WASFA is selected for verification. Students often miss verification requests, and their applications are not considered complete until those requests are fulfilled. Additionally, receiving a verification request can be intimidating or unnerving, and so this resource can help prepare students and parents/guardians that it might occur and what they should do if it does happen.

Financial Aid Award Letter: This resource can serve as a general reminder that financial aid award letters must be completed and returned to the school the student ultimately decides to attend in order to officially secure any offered aid.

Financial Aid Transition Steps: This letter can help remind families that after graduation the financial aid process continues and to educate families about the end of the financial aid process (may include award letters, disbursement, refunds, reapplication).

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