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Postsecondary Transition Demo Project Update

We have selected two applications to move forward with on PSCCN's Postsecondary Transition Demonstration Project. The first being a partnership between Fife School District, Clover Park School District and Clover Park Technical College. The second, is a partnership with Bethel School District. 

PSCCN has begun meeting with each group and investigating different areas to focus continuous improvement strategies. This process includes identifying a measurable and specific aim to target improvements, as well as seeking student feedback to inform these practices. If you would like to explore ways you could implement a continuous improvement framework on your own postsecondary transition strategies, check out Shift Online Learning to get started.

Still thinking about what strategies to implement to help support the class of 2021? Below you will find resources to help you determine which activities to priorities this spring. 

We look forward to exploring new innovative ways to support our students' postsecondary goals, and sharing those strategies and approaches with the broader Pierce County Region. If you have new practice you are using to support the class of 2021 and want to share, please reach out to let us know!