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PSCCN to Serve as the System Supporting Organization for King County Promise

The Puget Sound College & Career Network at PSESD was selected as the King County Promise System Supporting Organization. King County Promise is a bold, public-private partnership to increase equity in college access and success for historically underserved students in King County. The goals of King County Promise and the role of the System Supporting Organization closely align to PSESD’s End: Success for Each Child and Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity.

For the past three years, Puget Sound College & Career Network (PSCCN) at the PSESD has facilitated a highly collaborative and iterative design process to develop and advocate for the establishment of King County Promise. King County Promise was developed, and is supported by, a diverse coalition of over 300 organizations and individuals, who have contributed significant time, energy, and expertise to develop the Promise. By engaging students, families, educators, practitioners, and systems leaders from across King County to develop and refine the King County Promise service model and system commitments, PSCCN has built relationships, trust, and a shared vision towards a more equitable and seamless postsecondary access and success system in King County. 

Partners contributed thousands of hours to this endeavor - sharing expertise and collaborating across organizations, sectors, and roles to help make this vision more of a reality. Because of this intentional partnership and engagement work, we believe the proposed model will significantly bolster targeted support for young people who face barriers in their path from high school to postsecondary settings. We know that while almost all of our local students want to attend college, numerous significant barriers prevent this from being possible today and especially during this past year. The visions that we have developed are even more relevant and necessary now as we work to rebuild and create much more equitable future systems. 

As the System Supporting Organization, PSCCN will provide essential support for Promise Partnerships, lead system building and improvement efforts, and ensure the King County education system achieves our collective Promise system-level impact goals. Our team will work with King County Department of Community and Human Services staff to co-develop and oversee implementation of King County Promise investments; provide training and technical assistance to all K-12 school districts, community colleges, and nonprofit organizations funded under this strategy; and in collaboration with local Promise partnerships, will raise and leverage significant funds to supplement PSTAA funds. We are excited to partner with the Community Center for Education Results and Equity in Education Coalition and will work in the coming months to develop partnership plans.

At this point, we anticipate the Request for Proposals for Promise Partnerships (where King County school districts, community & technical colleges, and community organizations can apply as a Promise Partnership) will be available in late 2021. We will work with King County staff to co-develop this RFP and will share the details of the RFP once they are available. 

We look forward to partnering with you to ensure that King County Promise leads to significant equity improvements in our K-12, higher education, and community-based network across King County. Sign up for updates here.