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Puget Sound College & Career Network Newsletter | April 2020
PSCCN Community

Thank you to the 80+ partners who joined PSCCN’s Emergent Resources & Needs. As we collectively navigate the impacts of COVID-19 and this period of uncertainty, PSCCN is committed to our roles of supporting you and your organizations, and most importantly our students whose need for postsecondary access and success will persist beyond the challenges we face today. We know that students of color, students impacted by poverty, and first-generation students are often furthest from educational justice and are hit hardest in times like these. We appreciate your resilience and creativity as we work in new and different ways.

Supporting Improvements in Postsecondary Advising

For the past two years, PSCCN has partnered with Franklin Pierce and Bethel School Districts as a part of NCAN’s To and Through Advising Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to improve the outcomes for students by enhancing postsecondary advising, increasing access to financial aid, combating summer melt, and utilizing data-informed practices. We received access to technical assistance, communities of practices, data coaches, and best practices models. We are pleased to share some of the resources with you today and in our future PSCCN convenings and support. This is especially pertinent amidst our current context in which many of us are seeking out new strategies to target students who are most impacted by the current health crisis. 

Franklin Pierce and Bethel School District have worked hard to implement new practices to support their student’s postsecondary goals with strategies such as revising the advisory curriculum, implementing exit surveys, including financial aid in their student tracking systems, and more. We thank them for their leadership in spearheading this work in our region and look forward to continued growth around these innovative practices.

Learn more about effective practices here, The Data that Matter and the Plans that Work: New Districtwide Approaches to Student Success Beyond High School

Financial Aid Resources
Completing a financial aid application is still an essential step in the culminating college readiness experience. While applying for FAFSA or WASFA can be a complex undertaking, especially during school closures and physical distancing, PSCCN has resources to alleviate some of the potential barriers in the process. These can provide you with the accessible student and family resources that you can use to help remove barriers for students in accessing money for college. Learn more here and be sure to join us during our upcoming workshops.
Senior Student Reminders
As we collectively adapt to new ways of supporting students, PSCCN is committed to supporting educators who work directly with students. Here are some reminders for the graduating class:
Acceptance Letters - In the next coming weeks, colleges will be sending out acceptance letters. If a student is accepted to multiple, this would be a good time to weigh the options before making a final decision
Respond to the letters - Once the students have chosen the school they will attend, encourage your students to notify the other schools of your decision.
Appeals - For students who have been rejected, this would also be a good time to appeal the decision.
Colleges are currently updating their admissions and enrollment processes, we will share more information including updates to our College Transition Checklist soon.
News from the Region

Washington state high school seniors will get a pass on certain graduation requirements because of coronavirus closures.
April 8, 2020 at 5:17 pm By Hannah Furfaro
Click here for more information
Coronavirus school closures to continue in Washington state through the end of the school year.
April 6, 2020 at 2:38 pm
By Dahlia Bazzaz, Hannah Furfaro, Joseph O’Sullivan, & Katherine Long 
Click here for more information
Washington state students working their way through college are hard-hit by coronavirus.
April 4, 2020 at 5:00 am By Katherine Long 
Click here for more information

PSCCN Emergent Needs & Resources: Effective communication, data-sharing, and partnership strategies to support postsecondary transition during school closures.
Facilitated by Mercy & Christian
4/17 from 10:30 - 12pm
Click here to register
PSCCN Emergent Needs & Resources: Supporting high school seniors in postsecondary transitions throughout school closures.
Facilitated by Angelica & Dinda
4/23 from 9 - 10:30am
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