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Student Intern Spotlight

This summer PSCCN had the pleasure of hosting Jazzlynn Jefferson as a summer intern from July to September. She is a second-year Master of Public Administration student at the University of Washington. Jazzlynn bought a great personality, a willingness to learn, and a great student's perspective on the work we do. During her internship, Jazzlynn had the opportunity to work on many different projects with the whole team and while we are sad to see her go, we are excited to see what lies ahead for her.

To wrap up her tenure here at PSCCN, Jazzlynn shares her experience through a Q&A interview. 

Q. Did this internship match your academic and career expectations?

  • Yes, this internship was a great marriage of my academic and career expectations. I was able to incorporate knowledge from my coursework and lived experience with best practices learned from PSCCN to positively impact youth from marginalized communities.

Q. What was most satisfying about your internship?

  • The most satisfying part about my internship was living out my vision of how to transform the bridge and transition from k-12 to higher education. Much of the work done by PSCCN is aligned with my statement for graduate school. It felt surreal to know that there is an organization already doing the work.

Q. Do you feel you had the training, resources, and support necessary to perform assigned tasks?

  • I believe I had the training for most of my assigned tasks. I had all of the support and resources required for all of the assigned tasks.

Q. Were your assignments aligned with your career goals?

  • Yes, my assignments were aligned with my career goals.

Q. Did you receive adequate supervision and support?

  • I wish I could have received more scheduled supervision/support. Overall, I did receive adequate supervision and support.

Q. What was the least satisfying about your internship?

  • The least satisfying part of my internship was not getting more hands-on experience with grant writing.

Q. Based on your experience, what do you think it takes to be successful in our organization?

  • Project management skills are one thing needed to be successful at the organization. You need to be able to strategically think about the goals/objectives, the scope of work, timeline, resources, and capacity needed. You also need leadership skills and connections to get and lead the right people at the table.

Q. Did you receive adequate feedback about your performance?

  • I did receive adequate feedback about my performance.

Q. Do you feel prepared to enter your chosen career field?

  • I feel more prepared to enter my chosen career field after this internship. I do feel there is always room to improve and learn more.