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This past summer, PSCCN's Dinda Davis participated in CCER's Youth Storytelling Project as a mentor. Dinda had the privilege of working with Sophia Vazquez; a third-year student at the University of Washington, majoring in education, communities, and organizations. She is committed to understanding and addressing systemic barriers impacting youth and communities, within education and beyond. Her goal is to gain experience in various kinds of media production and advocacy work while exploring careers in both entertainment and education."

Sophia participated in this project because she was drawn to how focused it was on the elevation of student and community perspectives. Ultimately, she hoped to highlight school programs she has partnered with in the past, and share the support they need to continue growing. Through the process of interviewing both students and teachers, she learned how vital partnership is to success and the importance of turning intentions into actions. 

Her story is about "The Perks of Being Bilingual." Sophia guides her readers through the struggles of both the students and teachers as also touches on how to support dual-language classrooms. Click here to read the entire article.