A note from Brad Brown, PSESD's Executive Director of Learning Teaching & Family Support
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Mercy Daramola has issued her letter of resignation to the Puget Sound ESD. I want to take this time to thank her for her service to the community and the educational system. We are so grateful for all the work she has done to support Promise, the College and Career Success team, and overall agency, and wish her well in her endeavors. 

PSCCN Welcomes Jonathan Joseph
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Jonathan joins the PSCCN team as the Director of Postsecondary Strategic Development. His professional background includes community advocacy and working to elevate the lived experience of people by challenging or disrupting policy and decision-making systems.

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The pandemic has disrupted many things, including the path for students to higher education. There has been a decline in college enrollment for students straight from high school, which has also inadvertently affected Financial aid application numbers. Some school districts are exploring/trying new strategies to reach more students and provide the needed support to help them transition from high school to college. One such district is the Auburn school district, which has implemented a new summer initiative to increase financial aid application completion rates.