2020 Emergent Support

As we collectively navigate the impacts of COVID-19 and this period of uncertainty, PSCCN is committed to our roles of supporting you and your institutions, and most importantly our students whose need for postsecondary access and success will persist beyond the challenges we face today. We know that students of color, students impacted by poverty, and first-generation students are often furthest from educational justice and are hit hardest in times like these. We appreciate your resilience and creativity as we work in new and different ways. 

We are compiling resources and strategies as well as working to identify capacity needs. We need your feedback- please share with us about your needs and the strategies you are trying. 

Our priorities are to: 

  • Envision and model strategies that will outlast this moment including modeling individualized support and outreach, using technology to scale support, and using data to inform equitable approaches. 
  • Find creative and effective ways to ensure that: 
    • Our current seniors are supported to transition to their postsecondary paths, 
    • Our current first-year college students are supported across the region, and
    • Our practitioners across the region are connected and sharing resources and solutions.

Click to access the live PSCCN Emergent Resources & Needs google doc. Please note, this document will be refreshed frequently and you can contribute to it by typing in your responses.

Additional postsecondary resources can be found right here on the PSCCN website by clicking here to see the list of resources available. Thank you!