Financial Aid Toolkit

Our goal with this PSCCN Financial Aid Toolkit is to equip educators, youth program workers and others assisting students with navigating the financial aid application process including completing financial aid forms with accessible resources and strategies to support their work and contribute to removing barriers for students to access money for postsecondary education.

What is the PSCCN Financial Aid Toolkit? 

The PSCCN Financial Aid Toolkit is an online resource designed for schools, district staff and community organizations to access centralized financial aid resources to support students and families with the financial aid application process.

What is Included in This Toolkit?

  • Guidance on frequently asked questions about financial aid scenarios and implementation guides for financial aid completion strategies.
  • Promotional materials including posters, a banner and student stickers.
  • Student and family resources including presentations, activities and outreach language for families.

Who Should Use This Toolkit?

We welcome all schools, district staff and community organizations to use Toolkit resources to strengthen their financial aid completion strategies.