Financial Aid

Financial Aid graphic

The completion of a financial aid application (FAFSA/WASFA) is a crucial college-going step for high school seniors: 90% of high school seniors who complete financial aid applications directly enroll in college, compared to just 55% of non-completers (National College Access Network). In addition to supporting students to realize their dreams of enrolling in postsecondary education, financial aid has also been shown to increase postsecondary education persistence and completion.

Because financial aid is so closely correlated with positive postsecondary outcomes, regionally we have a goal of increasing FAFSA/WASFA applications by 5% each year. PSCCN supports this work by providing training, resources, promotional materials and in-progress data reports to districts and partners working directly with students and families.

To access comprehensive educator and practitioner financial aid completion information and resources, please visit our PSCCN Financial Aid Toolkit.