Supporting Undocumented Students

PSCCN is committed to supporting all students in accessing and succeeding in postsecondary, and Washington State has taken the lead on opening this access by providing an avenue for undocumented students to receive state financial aid. In the current political climate, Washington remains firm in its commitment to providing this funding option; however, actions from the federal government around immigration have put many in uncertain situations regarding their future as it pertains to education and more broadly. In response to students and educators in our area seeking to better support those impacted and in commitment to PSESD’s agency end of success for each child and eliminate the opportunity gap by leading with racial equity, PSCCN sponsors “supporting undocumented student” trainings for individuals working with students. And with our partners, we have compiled resources for students, families, educators and other allies around supporting undocumented students and their families. 


Practitioners can also access WASFA resources and information in the Financial Aid Toolkit section. On our scholarships page, find out more about scholarship opportunities for undocumented students.