King County Promise

What is the King County Promise? 

By 2024, almost 90% of living wage jobs in King County will require some kind of postsecondary education and postsecondary credentials can unlock the door to living wage jobs.  We know that the keys to completion are both scholarships/aid and high quality supports. The recent state Workforce Education Investment Act is a huge leap forward in financial access.  But it’s not enough to get the results we want. Students also need support from adults to navigate the college access system, in order to take advantage of tuition supports and successfully navigate to and through their postsecondary credentials.

The King County Promise is a supports system that  fills in the gaps by providing what students tell us they need to be successful:

  • High School, College and Community Based Organization advisors for historically under-served students and young people who can use help  to get back on track towards a degree/credential
  • Alignment between K-12 and college systems to eliminate barriers and facing students, to ensure equitable access and success through long term system change


King County Promise

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King County Promise Supporters:

K–12 Districts

Auburn School District

Federal Way Public Schools

Highline Public Schools

Kent School District

Renton School District

Seattle Public Schools

Tukwila School District

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Higher Education

Bellevue College

Green River College

Highline College

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

North Seattle College

Renton Technical College

Seattle Central College

South Seattle College

Shoreline Community College

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College Possible

College Success Foundation

Community Center for Education Results

Hey Mentor

Puget Sound Coalition for College & Career Readiness

Puget Sound College and Career Network

Puget Sound Educational Service District

Seattle Education Access


Summer Search

UW Dream Project

UW GEAR UP Achievers

United Way of King County

Washington Bus

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King County Promise Updates:

  1. Work Groups Crosswalk – Virtual Meeting and condensed time per ESD meeting guidelines
  • Monday, March 16: 1-4pm (Virtual meeting) Please join us for this interactive online meeting for work groups to share and get feedback on their progress, and provide feedback on overall Promise design questions. Note – joining virtually is highly encouraged due to the meeting format.
    • Design Team members are welcome to join and engage with the group as well.
    • The meeting will not be recorded, but prior to the meeting I will send out shared documents to provide feedback on
  1. Refinement Phase Closeout – Thursday, May 14th
  • Please join us for a work group close out and appreciation for the time and expertise you all have contributed in this process. More details to come in late April.
    • Note: The Promise will continue to be refined after this date through the Design Team and engaging others on an as needed basis.
  1. King County Updates
  • Kyla Lackie, Nicole Yohalem and I have been meeting with County staff to align the Refinement Phase with the County’s PSTAA process. The meetings have focused on the development of the County’s implementation plan, and we’ve brought forward the conversations from work group and Design Team meetings to support their work. We continue to meet with them on a weekly basis, and I will share more details at next week’s crosswalk.
  1. PSTAA State updates
  • We’ve been tracking the PSTAA resources at the state level in collaboration with others along the PSTAA continuum. The conversations remain encouraging and I will continue to keep this group up to date with any developments.  

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King County Promise Summary (September 2019)

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