King County Promise

What is King County Promise? 
King County Promise is a bold, public-private partnership to increase equity in college access and success for historically underserved students in King County. For the past three years, Puget Sound College & Career Network at the PSESD has facilitated a highly collaborative and iterative design process to develop and advocate for the establishment of King County Promise. King County Promise was developed and is supported by a diverse coalition of over 300 organizations and individuals, who have contributed significant time, energy, and expertise to develop the Promise. 

By engaging students, families, educators, practitioners, and systems leaders from across King County to develop and refine the King County Promise service model and system commitments, PSCCN has built relationships, trust, and a shared vision towards a more equitable and seamless postsecondary access and success system in King County. Because of this intentional partnership and engagement work, we believe the proposed model will significantly bolster targeted support for young people who face barriers in their path from high school to postsecondary settings. 

King County Promise addresses longstanding barriers and fills capacity gaps by providing what students tell us they need to be successful: 

  1. Advising and navigation capacity in high schools, colleges, and community-based organizations to support historically underserved students and young people, under age 26 who are out of school, to get their college degree/credentials.
  2. Alignment between King County’s K-12 and college systems and eliminate barriers facing historically underserved students, to ensure equitable access to support and success in attaining degrees and credentials, through equitable systems improvement.

Why is the King County Promise necessary? 

Students and young people succeed when they are provided robust advising and guidance support at the high school, community, and college levels along with financial resources as they navigate their paths towards completing a postsecondary credential. These student supports are built into King County Promise, and when paired with Washington State’s recently passed Workforce Education Investment Act and Washington College Grant programs, will provide students and young people across King County with both the monetary and personal guidance to help them navigate the college access system, take advantage of the available tuition and financial supports, so they successfully complete their postsecondary credentials. By 2024, almost 90% of living wage jobs in King County will require some kind of postsecondary education; with King County Promise, we aim to support students and young people to achieve their postsecondary credentials, unlock the keys to these jobs, and thrive across King County.

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